Webflow Developer (freelance)

Posted at May, 30, 2022






Lightboard seeks a Webflow pro. Are you a designer picking up Webflow? Awesome! Or a dev switching from WordPress? Super! We know Webflow is new so we don't expect you to have ten years of experience in it; we just know we love it and our clients love the results. Come help us build awesome sites. The developer will work with an art director and account manager to delight our customers with crisp, responsive websites and beautiful-everywhere email templates. This is a contract position, 10-40hrs per week.

About Lightboard

We are a no-nonsense design service that delivers quality craftsmanship to established brands like Autodesk, GitHub, and Microsoft, as well as innovative younger companies.

We believe the traditional agency model is fundamentally broken. Our clients don't need a full-service creative agency—they've already developed their strategy and need high-quality design to bring it to life, quickly and efficiently.

And that's what Lightboard does.


Our customers are increasingly switching their old WordPress sites to Webflow. We're redesigning the sites as we rebuild them, and we need more help.

In most cases, developers work under the guidance of an art director from approved mockups—but we're particularly interested in candidates with an eye for design.

Sure, we want a pixel perfect site—but we know that a mockup is never really "finished"—and that things always change once the client sees the design in a browser. The more you can run with a design, the better. Took a stab at designing that last-minute modal the client added? Perfect. We love you.

Most of our customers are B2B companies, and the websites are usually small marketing sites: home page, features page, pricing page, and a few content pages.

We go on to build email templates (usually in a builder like Marketo, Hubspot, or Mailchimp) and sometimes conversion-optimized landing pages in Unbounce or InstaPage. We test our emails in Litmus to ensure they render well across all devices, and check and double-check our websites to ensure we're delivering a best-in-class product to our customers.


What you need:

  • Superb communication and time management skills.

  • Demonstrated experience with Webflow. We expect that you'll already have experience with WordPress.

  • Solid understanding of HTML and CSS. Builders are great, but it's important to understand what's going on under the hood.

  • Experience with email templates—hand-coded as well as using builders like Hubspot and Marketo.

    How to know if you're a great fit:

    • Dedication to quality of craft in all things.

    • Curiosity about web technology and interest in learning new platforms and languages.

    • Attention to detail so acute you've found two typos in this post and noticed that the mobile breakpoint isn't quite right.

    • Full-time freelancer. We don't work with people moonlighting from a full-time job.

    • Based in the United States.

    How it works:

    • 10-40hrs per week, working remotely.

    • Our account managers manage client feedback, budgets, and workflow.

    • Art director provides mockups and design direction.

    • We have experienced developers available to help with complex JavaScript or troubleshoot tricky problems.

    To apply, please send your resume, your portfolio (including links to live sites you've built), and the absolutely very worst thing about Webflow.