Lead Data/Product Analyst (Remote)

Posted at Feb, 10, 2022






Type: Remote, permanent, full-time position

Do you have a soft spot for profitable companies with a meaningful, globally used and loved product? Would you like to work within a compact, super-capable team in a refreshing work environment? Would you like to work on an application that is changing the way we learn and communicate? Drops could be the place for you.

About us:

Our goal at Drops is to ensure effective language learning through a delightful, seamless, gamified experience. We strive to be the #1 app for vocabulary learning. Our app has been live on the App Store for 4 years, covering 43 languages, serving over 35 million users across the globe and has been featured on both the App Store (App of the Day) and Play Store (App of the Year in 2018). Drops has also been featured by TechCrunch, FastCo, Forbes, CNN, Bloomberg, VentureBeat and many, many more. In short, we’re a tiny but very powerful team spread (mostly) across Europe, achieving great things the remote way! In December 2020, Drops was acquired by Kahoot!, the world’s leading game-based learning platform

About you:

You’ve been working within data focused product companies for some time now, having extensive experience turning user behaviour and industry trends into insights which move the metrics in the right direction. Perhaps you’re a core team member that nursed a startup to data informed success or you hit the ground running at an established company, applying your analytical skills and product knowledge to take them to the next level!

You’re a no-nonsense person who’s comfortable implementing data pipelines and projects across the organisation having worked in data analyst or product data roles. You’ve got a solid understanding of the technology that underpins data pipelining, comfortable working with large data pools and ops tooling but also writing the code to extract meaningful data. You enjoy the challenge of growing and expanding the reach of a product with just shy of a million MAU through data insights.

You’re capable of working within different domains within the company, assisting marketing with the success measurement of their campaigns to product engineering teams on AB testing and measuring success. Our data presentations are presented at company level, so you are confident to stand behind your findings and educate the wider company on the data approach.

Drops is a deliberately small, but super effective team. You’re naturally drawn to the fate of the products & driven to grow as a data analyst rather than to manage people.


You’ll be leading our data domain, working with (and on) the data produced from a multitude of sources (Drops, Droplets, Scripts & Visual Dictionary). This role isn’t just about serving internal data requests, it’s about informing the company domains (Marketing, Product Engineering, Growth, etc) about bottlenecks, growth opportunities, user drop-off points and informative user behaviour/research. You’ll be the grease between the company domain cogs!

You will:

  • Build (and maintain) data pipelines, supporting the company domains and teams on their KPI metric reporting.

  • Filter out the data noise for the wider company and laser focus on what’s highly impactful

  • Work closely with the product-development team to unlock growth opportunities and identify shortcomings, bottlenecks and issues.

  • Communicate data effectively to ensure that everyone is aligned and behind a data led approach

  • Create a data environment (dashboards & analytics tooling) through a variety of tools that is easy to navigate, comprehend and give answers to common data questions, quickly and efficiently

What’d be different here:

  • We’re a small team. We’re optimising for impact, not for headcount. You’ll be carefully considering any tradeoff that would lead to increased complexity

  • We’re currently using indicative as our main data analytics tool, google big query, leanplum, python scripts and google data studio. There are however better placed technology for different jobs which we’d love explore

  • We’ve got multiple revenue streams with differing levels of reporting capabilities, from Paddle and Apple to Playstore and App In China.

  • We are BIG on AB testing. We focus on releasing high impact projects and minimise noise. Working with product-development to run AB tests will be a large part of the role

  • Benefits:

    • 🌍 All the perks of remote working

    • 👥 An awesomely compact 30 person team

    • 🧠 Yearly educational allowance

    • 💪 Fitness allowance

    • 💻 High-end Apple hardware and ergonomic accessories

    • 🏖 36 days of holiday per year

    • ✈️ Quarterly team gathering somewhere in the world (Amsterdam, Iceland, Lisbon and Budapest were previous locations)


You have:

  • Extensive experience in software/product development through data focused roles

  • Experience building out data pipelines, dashboards and reporting suites for differing teams and domains

  • Knowledge of best practices and trends within data and product, with the ability to measure the success of those changes in production

  • Experience in keeping the data pipe clean, prioritising high impact events/actions and removing the noise

  • Project management experience (everyone manages projects at Drops)

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Experience working in a high growth environment

  • Drops values clear, honest communication and transparency. It’s the linchpin of our culture, success and freedom. You’ll be involved in both high and low level decision making and available during European working hours (10AM - 6PM CET).