Product Manager, Growth (Remote)

Posted at Apr, 24, 2022






Deque is seeking a Product Manager, Growth to join the Product Development Team. This individual will be responsible for converting free axe users to paying customers.

Axe-core is an open-source rules engine for testing the accessibility of web applications that have been downloaded 19 million times from NPM.  It has become the de-facto standard for accessibility testing, evidenced by:

  • It is built into Google Chrome Developer Tools under the “Audits” tab.

  • It is used extensively at Microsoft who build their open-source accessibility testing tool, Accessibility Insights, using axe.

  • Our own, free browser extension, which is also called axe is available for Chrome and Firefox and has about 300,000 users.

  • …add more…

Axe is the free browser extension that gives development teams the power of axe-core in an easy-to-use package that is integrated into the browser’s development tools. Axe is being extended with new “professional plan features” that expand the range of accessibility requirements that developers can test.  It is currently available as a free beta and will eventually be the first product in the axe family that users will have to pay for to use.


To drive, accelerate, and optimize conversion, the Product Manager, Growth will:

  • Lead and facilitate brainstorming for First-Time User Experience, then take these early ideas and iterate, experiment, and build. Defend your POV against skeptics, while being open to feedback and adapting your ideas to deliver the best output.

  • Partner with other product, design and engineering teams at Deque, and drive strategic alignment. Enroll other teams into your product vision and align roadmaps to ensure cohesive product functionality and value proposition.

  • Use relentless customer understanding and empathy to discover and define the right problems and products we should be pursuing. Comfortable working with a highly technical developer audience.

  • Measure user behavior to validate user journey hypotheses

  • Collaborate with Marketing to drive awareness and discovery

  • Analytically and experimentally identify and refine our understanding of the segments that are most likely to purchase

  • Experiment with alternative user flows, offers, messages, and designs to optimize conversion

  • Collaborate with Sales to create clear sales enablement tools which address a customers journey from Axe to Axe-pro to Axe-Enterprise with clear delineation for each

  • Generate ideas to drive referrals/viral-growth, test alternative tactics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize referrals

  • Direct the creation of educational content and documentation to drive conversion, usage, and referrals

About Deque

Digital equality. It’s our mission, our vision, and our passion. We believe that websites, mobile applications, and digital content should be accessible to people with disabilities – and we’re passionate about creating technology that can make that vision a reality.

Deque (pronounced DEE-kew) helps technology leaders like Google and Microsoft, top US banks and insurance companies, retailers, airlines, hotel chains, and the biggest government agencies achieve their accessibility goals. Our accessibility tools, services, and training are unparalleled.


  • BS/BA in Economics, Math, Engineering, CS or equivalent experience

    • (50% of the first interview will focus on math and logic problem-solving skills)

  • 5 years of experience as a senior developer or product manager in an open-source company with a freemium (not just services) revenue model

  • Demonstrable understanding of modern web (UI) development processes, tools, and practices

  • Deep understanding of developer personalities

  • Ability to design experiments, define metrics, collect reliable data, and make evidence-based decisions

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Demonstrated leadership ability in an entrepreneurial environment

  • Alignment with Deque values